Sunday, February 24, 2013

Quick update

It's been a very crazy year for us. Many of you have heard our lives have been up and down and all around.  Things are settling down quite a bit these days. Brett has been working pretty steadily at his warehouse job and my internship is finally wrapping up, I only have one week left.

We have been up in the air for a very long time about where we will be heading next year. Brett has been applying to medical schools and he got into a few of them (he is a pretty smart cookie). But we've been waiting to hear from all the schools before we made any decisions. The word has finally come in from everywhere and we are quite happy to announce that we will be moving to Kirksville, MO in May. Brett will be attending A.T. Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine. We are ecstatic. It is a wonderful school and they are already taking such good care of us.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More fun for the Wilsons! Brett met up with me in California on Friday and we drove down to the lovely San Diego! What a blast! The first night we were forced to sleep in a double bed (somehow we got that booked through Priceline), but they more than made up for it the next night with a room with a king bed and these gorgeous views:

Saturday was wonderful! We spent the day at the San Diego Zoo, which was an absolute blast. Highlight for me was the monkeys, highlight for Brett was the bears, especially the famous San Diego zoo PANDAS! :) We also went on the air tram, which was awesome. Saturday night we walked around downtown San Diego and found this great little Indian restaurant that was delicious.

Sunday we went to Old Town San Diego and spent some time at the Mormon Battalion visitors' center. It was so interesting, we were both fascinated by and grateful for the sacrifices of the early members of the LDS church. It was wonderful to be reminded of the mysterious ways that the Lord blesses us.

On Sunday evening we travelled to Las Vegas, NV for Brett's interview with Touro University. We spent Monday at Hoover Dam, it was fascinating! Tuesday we went to the strip and then Brett had his interview. We drove back to Reno Tuesday night. We are so glad to be home!

Now we're both back in Reno and I am done with my time in California. I will be heading to Utah next week to finish the last leg of my in-patient clinical rotation!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hey! I was reading through some old blog posts and got a little of the blog bug.

To fill all of you in, Brett lives in Reno right now and I live in California. Don't worry, we still love each other. I had to come to California for a few months to do part of my dietetics internship. In a few weeks I will be headed to Utah. And then back in Reno in the middle of December to stay.

A lot has happened since I posted last. Thats a bummer. I just haven't felt up to it! Brett graduated. :) We are a family of college graduates. I'm proud. We celebrated another presidents' day. This one was even better than the last! We had a bunch of friends over and they all had to bring a fact about John Adams. He was quite the man. I love the early politicians. They seem so valiant and so fierce to protect and announce their beliefs. This is John Adams.

We made a trip to Bear Lake and hopped on this cool bike.

Shout out to our good friends the Dunkleys, we went on a fantastic vacation with them to Six Flags in Valencia. It was such a blast! I've never been on so many roller coasters in my life!

We passed through Yosemite on our trip through California for Dustin's wedding to his lovely bride!

And I made an amazing cake for the fourth of July.

We also celebrated 2 years of marital bliss on July 23. This is the breakfast in bed that I woke up to! Wowy, what a great husband.

We had some great times and some really hard times this year. But as always, I'm grateful to have my handsome, diligent, hard-working, funny, smart husband to go through it all with.

Brett visited me in California last weekend and we had such a grand time. We went to Crystal Cove. It was beautiful and relaxing. We had a great time walking along the almost empty beach and checking out all the tide pools. We spent our time hassling hermit crabs and sea urchins, chasing birds, writing in the sand, running in the sand, and taking a nice nap on the beach.

We also went to Downtown Disney! Because its free :) It was fun, and happy, because Disneyland is, after all, the happiest place on earth. We even got to ride a ride, well we thought it might be a ride, so we hopped on, it turns out it was only the tram to the parking lot. We enjoyed it all the same and then hopped back on to go back to Downtown Disney. These are some lego sculptures we ran into at the lego store.

Some updates on Brett, he is working for an endodontist and loving it. He has had three medical school interviews so far, and he has one more on Monday at UNR. He has been accepted to two schools, SGU and a DO school in Arizona. We are quite excited about this! We will being going to med school! Whoo hoo!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Life keeps marching on!

A lot has happened since I last posted!

Brett took the MCAT and did super amazing. He applied to 15 medical schools and got invitations for second applications from most of them. Right now we are waiting to hear from schools about interviews and crossing our fingers that he'll get a few. He recently started his last year at BYU, which also means the start of our last year in Provo!  We are so excited to see where medical school takes us.

After graduating in June, I got a job as a Diet Tech in a hospital in Murray. Then about 2 months later I got a job as a diet tech at the Utah Developmental Center in American Fork Utah, I took it because among other benefits it took about an hour out of my commute every day. The job is turning out to be a fantastic opportunity for me, I'm learning a lot and doing what I love! I'll be applying to Dietetic internships in February.

We've had a lot of fun in the past few months, it has been a great summer for us.

We enjoyed our first crop from our very first garden, here is a sample of the great veggies that we got:

We had the great opportunity of attending several weddings this summer! It's always fun to see friends and loved ones find the love of their lives.

We've down quite a bit of hiking this summer, we made a trip to Zion National Park with our friends McKenzie and Nate and Cecily and Jared. We went hiking and repelling, I don't have any pictures but it was beautiful and amazing!

We hiked Mount Timpanogous a few weeks ago with our friends Nate and McKenzie Cerny. It was our first time and it was amazing and a little scary at the top. It was really scary on the way down and a little life threatening. The glacier behind me is the one we slid down on the back of the mountain. If the top looks steep to you, thats because it is, it was about a 20 foot drop before the snow started leveling out.

I discovered the joy of making trifle and decorating cakes and I'm planning on taking a cake decorating class in October! I'm so excited!

We're still loving our pet rats. We now have three of them. They are so much fun and keep us busy in our spare time.

This past weekend Brett and I went to the Ringling Brothers Circus, the show was called Fully Charged. Neither of us had ever been to the circus and we were a little doubtful at the beginning but it ended up being a fun experience! There were trapeze artists, lions, elephants, horses, zebras and clowns. They even shot a man out of a cannon. It was hard to get any pictures in there because it was so dark.

That same day we went to the circus I went to see Mary Poppins with my mom and two of my sisters. It was fantastic. We loved the set and the creative stage magic.